OnePage : AcyMailing checkbox checked by default

In com_onepage -> themes -> yourtheme -> overrides - > acymailing_checkbox.php:

put: checked behind checkbox input type””.. 

full file:

* Italian privacy checkbox support file
* @package One Page Checkout for VirtueMart 2
* @subpackage opc
* @Changes by OutlandWeb
* @author stAn
* @author RuposTel s.r.o.

* @copyright Copyright (C) 2007 - 2012 RuposTel - All rights reserved.
* @license GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php
* One Page checkout is free software released under GNU/GPL and uses some code from VirtueMart
* VirtueMart is free software. This version may have been modified pursuant
* to the GNU General Public License, and as distributed it includes or
* is derivative of works licensed under the GNU General Public License or
* other free or open source software licenses.
if( !defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) && !defined( '_JEXEC' ) ) die( 'Direct Access to '.basename(__FILE__).' is not allowed.' );
?><!-- italian privacy checkbox -->
<div style="width: 100%;clear:both;text-align:left;margin-left:-20px;">
<div style="width: 5%; float: left;">

<input type="hidden" value="<?php echo $opc_acy_id; ?>" name="acylistsdisplayed_dispall" />
<input type="checkbox" id="acy_list_<?php echo $opc_acy_id; ?>" class="acymailing_checkbox" name="acysub[]" value="<?php echo $opc_acy_id; ?>" checked/>

<input type="hidden" name="allVisibleLists" value="<?php echo $opc_acy_id; ?>" />


<div style="width: 95%; float:left;"><label for="acy_list_<?php echo $opc_acy_id; ?>" style="float: none; white-space: normal;"><span style="font-weight:bold;"><?php echo OPCLang::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_FIELDS_NEWSLETTER'); ?></span><br />
<!-- END italian privacy checkbox -->

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